What is the difference between acrylic cast sheet and acrylic extruded sheet?

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With the continuous advancement of acrylic sheet metal products, acrylic products are very beautiful and practical, and the quality grades are very good. Jinan Jinbao Plastics Acrylic Products Co., Ltd. can undertake the research and development of various exquisite acrylic products. After more than ten years of research and development, Jinbao knows that making a good quality acrylic product is indispensable to the selection of a good acrylic sheet, which is closely related to the craft of acrylic sheet.


Acrylic sheets are divided into two categories according to the production process: casting board and extrusion board. So the question is, what is the difference between an acrylic cast plate and an extruded plate? Although no matter which acrylic sheet is used, the transparency is extremely high, and a wide variety of shapes and shapes can be customized. But the acrylic cast plate is still different from the extruded plate.

The difference between acrylic cast plate and extrusion plate-Jinbao  acrylic products

First, the difference in performance between the two types of sheets, the high molecular weight of the acrylic cast sheet, excellent stiffness, strength and excellent chemical resistance; while the acrylic extruded sheet has lower molecular weight and mechanical properties than the cast sheet. weak.


However, it cannot be said that the cast sheets are better than the extruded sheets, and each has its own advantages. Acrylic cast sheets are suitable for small batch processing, with unmatched flexibility in color system and surface texture effects, and are available in a wide range of specifications for a variety of special applications.


Of course, the acrylic extrusion plate is not weak, it is better than the casting plate for bending and heat forming, and is suitable for processing large-sized plates, which is advantageous for rapid vacuum forming. At the same time, the thickness tolerance of the extruded sheet is smaller than that of the cast sheet. However, since the extrusion plate is mass-produced and the color and specifications are inconveniently adjusted, the product specification diversity is limited.


From the above analysis, we know that although there are differences between acrylic cast plates and extruded plates, no matter which process of acrylic sheet, its application is different, the former is suitable for small batch processing, and the color specifications of the style are not limited, compare Flexible; the extrusion plate is the opposite for larger acrylic sheets, with limited product specifications.


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