How about the quality of the acrylic sheet and how to identify the quality of acrylic

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Acrylic is also known as plexiglass. In recent years, with the unique properties of acrylic products such as plates and display stands, the acrylic processing industry has flourished. In addition to props, packaging and advertising, it is also used in various industries. A variety of fields. So, when buying acrylic products in the market, how to buy good acrylic products? Acrylic is good.... Here are some tips on how to identify the quality of acrylic sheets.



The first is the observation method: this is judged according to the characteristics of the acrylic material itself. At the time of purchase, it is necessary to observe whether the sheet is fading or the gloss is not high enough to be transparent. If it exists, the quality of the acrylic sheet is not good.


The second method is the light transmission method: the principle is that the transmittance of the acrylic sheet is extremely high and the light after the transmission is positive white light, and the recognition method derived from the light color is not absorbed, and the white light can be transmitted through the light through the acrylic. If you find yellow or blue color, it means that the quality of acrylic is not defective.


The third type is the hot melt method: also called the pasting method, the principle is that the good adhesion of the acrylic sheet to the secondary acrylic sheet is different. Acrylic materials of lower quality will stick together after hot melt, and it is difficult to separate them. The good quality acrylic sheets are easily separated.


The fourth type is the combustion method: the burning experiment can be carried out with a small piece of acrylic sheet. If the acrylic sheet is burned very quickly, it means that the quality of the defective acrylic material is not good.


The fifth type is the packaging method: the soft rubber edge of the good quality acrylic sheet is very good, and the soft rubber edge of the defective acrylic sheet looks very miscellaneous. In the industry, this material is called a joint venture sheet. Of course, good quality acrylic sheets will definitely be more expensive than quality acrylic sheets.


The above five points to identify the quality of acrylic sheet quality hope to help you to purchase the desired acrylic products. Jinbao Acrylic Products Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the research and development of acrylic products for more than ten years. With advanced equipment and thoughtful service, we can help you customize the satisfactory acrylic products.

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